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3 reasons why I write and why you should, too

Ask the Universe for what you want in creative ways.

As a blogger, there are dozens of reason why I write – it’s therapeutic, it’s fun, I enjoy it, etc. As a believer in the law of attraction, there are many other reasons why I feel that writing is crucial to creating the world around you. Focusing on the affirmative to help manifest the things you want and the things you know you deserve is key to constructing your happy life.

    1. Focus on your goals. I keep a journal under my bed in which I write almost every night. It’s not simply writing a “Dear Diary, today I…” type of journal. This is a journal that houses each and every goal I wish to accomplish or object or person I want to attract to myself. Using the law of attraction, it is extremely simple to produce what you feel you deserve. The law of attraction is all about immersing yourself in what you want.
    2. Make your wish to the Universe. Do you want that great paying job that you know will make you happy? Write it down! Make a goal of it, and feel yourself being offered the job and the excitement you will feel walking in on your first day. Write down your positive feelings and meditate on them regularly. Don’t only write it down once and forget about it. Write it everywhere – in your personal journal, on a piece of paper and put it on your refrigerator or the back of your front door, on an index card and put it on the steering wheel of your car, etc. Make your wish and release it to the Universe. Of course, you will need to put in the effort to work towards that goal, but the Universe will help you manifest your goals that much quicker because you helped attract it to yourself.
    3. Be thankful for what you already have. Take time to also write about what you are thankful for in your life. Sure, you may not have the greatest car or the best relationship, but you can make it better by focusing on the good in those things and being thankful you at least have a car or someone who cares about you. You have a car that can get you to and from work and/or school – that’s awesome! Most people don’t have that and you should be thankful you have it! You and your significant other may argue on occasion, but that person cares about you and you should be thankful for him or her! Focus on and be thankful for what you have and the Universe will manifest more great things for you.

The law of attraction and writing (or other creative outlets like drawing) are connected more than most people realize. If you write only dark, broody things about yourself (ex: My life sucks. I hate my job. I can’t… blah blah blah…), it will be all you attract because it’s all you’re focusing on. Focus on the good and good will come to you. Be positive, be affirmative and the Universe will hear you and manifest all you wish for.

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